Writing Should Be Practiced

I know I haven’t lived long enough to say this, but back in my day . . . people with something of value to say, communicated through writing. Today, anyone can write, and almost everyone does. The internet has enabled people with nothing to say to say a lot. Facebook has caused people to think that sharing what they ate for breakfast is classified as world news. Anyone can self-publish now, whether the book is good or not.

When I first began blogging, I took pride in my courage. One of the bravest things I’ve done is keep on living after my breakup with Fishie. I only knew of one other friend-blogger when I began my journey. At first I was gratified when friends asked my advice about the blogs they were starting up. Then the honeymoon ended. Almost all my friends have blogs now, so many that I certainly can’t read them all and some I wouldn’t want to read, no offense. (Side-note thought: if everyone is doing the writing, who is doing the reading?)

All this band-wagon-blogging has made me sit back and evaluate my own blog. Not everyone should be writers. I think everyone should write, but not everyone should broadcast their writing to the entire universe. I’m drinking tea right now that quotes Aristotle on its tag: “In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” Clearly, his writing belongs in the marvelous category. In the past few weeks in between school work and rehearsals and scholarship searching, I’ve watched two documentaries, one about Steve Jobs and one about Roger Ebert. Both were fascinating, inspiring, and humbling. Steve Jobs was an artist with a vision. Roger Ebert was a writer obsessed with films who believed stubbornly in his own opinions. Yet both of these men needed to be heard.

I am a Christian so I believe everyone has a voice, an important voice, in the kingdom of God. In fact, one of the most encouraging bits of advice I got in my theatre training was the admonition that God created me in His image with a creative voice, and because God created me, my voice deserves to be heard. But is it really?

This blog began as a breakup remedy. It turned into a travel blog and then a coffee blog and then an exercise blog and then a whatever-I-feel-like-posting blog. I haven’t reached that many followers so maybe I’m not as accountable as I could be, but the fact remains: the more I say, the more I have to be accountable for in heaven. I want to be sure I’m saying what needs to be said and no more.

My question for my followers is should I end this blog? and if not, what would you like to hear about? If I’m going to keep this blog open, I need a niche. Niches create accountability.


2 thoughts on “Writing Should Be Practiced

  1. Totally agree blogs should have a niche. My writing was super scattered till I decided to focus, and even now I struggle with wanting to write about random topics 🙂
    But, it’s definitely a great idea to evaluate why one blogs. I blog because I want to publish my book someday, and talk about church and adoption. So far, I’ve talked a bit about books and haven’t had the words and courage to address adoption.
    I enjoy reading your posts, so I do hope you keep writing 🙂


    • I could write devotionals for single women. I could write about theatre or creative writing. I could write about chronic illness. I could write about travel occasionally. I just need to decide what is most interesting to people and what is most important in my life.

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