An Exercise in Being Thankful

Today was an ordinary day. I struggled to wake up because it’s Friday, and I’m always tired on Friday. But this particular morning, I also agreed to meet with a student half an hour before my scheduled office hour. I woke up on time and got up late, which is not really a surprise. The surprise is that I made it to my office on time. Call it an example of grace.

I was able to get ahead grading since my office hour was extended by a half-hour, and I was pleasantly surprised by impromptu visits from three of my students. My late morning meeting was cancelled, enabling me to finish preparing for my rehearsal tomorrow afternoon.

I then spent an hour praising God with a friend for His power. I’m one of those people who would sooner doubt God’s goodness than His power, but none of His promises would be a means of hope if He did not have the ability to keep them.

One example of His power is in the strength He gave me to stay awake and work on my short story. He enabled me to accomplish all my goals today, a rare outcome in my life. I took a nap, the first one since this summer. And after supper I’m going to see my university’s production of Little Women. 

A very normal day, nothing exciting or momentous. But some of the biggest decisions come from mundane days, an idea I’m playing with in my short story. This Thanksgiving season, I’m thankful for the mundane.


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