My No-Good, Very Bad Day

Today was one of those days where everything goes wrong. I woke up groggy and consequently took much longer to get ready. I ran out of black eyeliner; my mascara was dry. When I entered the kitchen, I was greeted with the horrifying smell of rotting chicken. I didn’t get to drink any coffee. I was late for my 8:00 meeting. Thankfully, my mentor recognized my need for coffee and walked with me across the street to buy some. I ran into my student who was also buying coffee, and I forgot his name. In fact I still can’t remember it, although I know it begins with an “s.” I spent the next hour discussing my fear of failure. Ironic.

I went to my 9:30 meeting in the green room at 9:00, where there happened to be another meeting going on. I disrupted their meeting and got thrown out of the room. I had nowhere to go so I sat on the steps outside and did homework. Good thing, too, because the rest of my day just got worse. My 9:30 meeting went late so I was late getting to my 10:00 meeting. Pause for the best part of my day: my 10:00 brought me the most delicious French press coffee. However, the 10:00 took longer than I anticipated, and I got no break before I had to meet my 11:00.

After the 11:00 I finally got to go back to my apartment for an hour before my 2:00. But when I got home, I realized that there was nothing sustainable to eat for lunch. So I ate pasta salad and baked beans. I took some time to quiet my soul and was able to finish some homework before heading to my 2:00. I felt a little better, but dIMG_3795uring my 2:00 I learned that I would have to make 575 copies and staple them myself before my 9:00 class tomorrow. I copied 285 before my 3:35 class. I got out of class at 5:00 and recruited help to print out the remaining 290. I planned to print 145 and make 145 copies. The copier wouldn’t work. An hour later I had finished making all my copies. Now to staple them all. I finally finished at 9:00 at night.

I have to admit. I failed today. I was late. I was not prepared. I was not attentive. I was not loving. I was not grateful. I was noisy. I was complaining. I was grumpy.

That was today. Tomorrow is a new day. This moment is a new moment. And I choose victory.


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