Victory Lived Out

You know you’re spending your summer in the middle of nowhere when today is the first time I’ve had wifi in three weeks. First-world problems. As I anticipated this summer, I really spent no time thinking about my job or its responsibilities. I spent most of my time thinking about how I would keep my blog updated on my summer adventures with the lost colony. None of my anticipations panned out.

The truth is that my summer job is treated like a top-secret government operation. I’m not really in Roanoke even though I am. I can’t post anything truthful about my job on the internet because the enemy may misinterpret what I say. If I say, “I’m craving chocolate,” the response would be, “She doesn’t care about being healthy; she endorses diabetes!” Therefore, my posting life is restricted to truths about where I am but am not really.

Today I confiscated a vehicle and did something I never could have done back home. I drove thirty miles by myself and parked myself in a cute coffee shop where I drank a raspberry mocha and wrote and read until I got the urge to go see a movie. IMG_3525Then I drove to the closest movie theatre and saw a movie by myself before going to Walmart to buy some mint-colored nail polish. I may have battle wounds all over my body, but I refuse to let my toe nails remain unpolished. Currently, I have a huge scab on my right ankle from where a fellow coworker dragged me through the sand. I have two huge blood blisters on my heels from walking through the mulch. I have a goose-egg on my head from where a girl kicked me during a game of volleyball. My neck is peeling from a horrific day at the lake. And one toe nail got ripped off during a wrestling match turned upside-down.

There is still much of the summer before I will feel safe again. The Christian life is a life of spiritual warfare, but it’s also a life of victory. Safety in driving, sun instead of rain, grace instead of hate, love instead of impatience, joy instead of exhaustion. I’ve seen victory lived out these past four weeks. Looking forward to seeing it in the next eight.



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