What I Am Not Thankful For—Stalkers

Last week on Wednesday my friend (whom I’ll call Peter) told me to make a list of twenty things I’m thankful for. I improvised a little and instead made a list of twenty things that make me happy. I can say I’m thankful for La Croix, and I am, but when I say I’m thankful for coffee, you know I mean it. I made a list of the twenty things that can make me happy no matter how messed up my day is.

Coffee was number one on the list, big surprise. Coffee gives me the same chills and flutters that watching You’ve Got Mail does. I never in my life thought that coffee could fail me. Oh, there is the occasional sorry cup (usually from Dunkin’ Donuts), but I never thought coffee could make my day worse . . . until I tried this adorable coffee shop on the Cape. Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered the peppermint flavor, but I was feeling nostalgic, and my favorite childhood treat was peppermint. I could taste the peppermint from across the counter before the liquid even approached my taste buds. I hoped that the deeper into the cup I drank, the more coffee I would taste. I gave up and threw away the coffee as soon as I found a trashcan.

Number six on my happiness list was the beach. I had two planned trips to the beach fail this semester, and I am proud to announce that I finally planned a beach trip that succeeded! Even though the weather was too cold for my new swimsuit, my green pants enjoyed the trip. Something about the beach brings peace, the vast expanse of blue, the rhythm of the tide coming in, the shells and pebbles hiding in the sun-baked sand, the assurance that there is a Creator who controls the sea.

In the last year, I think I have cried enough tears to fill an ocean. Tears of rejection, of fear, of loneliness, of sickness, of broken-heartedness, of anger, of death, of repentance, of surrender.

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But I am an inheritor of the blessings outnumbering the sands on the shore.


10 thoughts on “What I Am Not Thankful For—Stalkers

  1. I like the Atlantic a lot better than the Pacific, even in San Diego the water was so cold! I love Panama City, Florida and have visited Galveston half a dozen times. Of course, that’s the Gulf and it’s always pretty warm. Beaches are definitely in my top favorite things!


  2. I’m about to head to the beach in a few days and this post makes me excited for it! It will be too cold to swim there as well but you’re right and the sound and peaceful feeling of the ocean are things to enjoy.

    Your post is encouraging even when you touch on how hard things have been. You are right, we so have many blessings we inherit that are mixed with the troubles we receive.


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