More Adventures in April

My parents moved. They used to live twenty-two minutes away; now they live ten minutes away. Moving between houses took twenty-five minutes each way. What I initially thought was a “I’ll help you move” (and be home by 8:30) turned into “I’ll help you move” (so goodbye sleep). I loved helping my parents move even if I didn’t get home until 12:30 in the morning. Helping my mom rearrange furniture made me think about rearranging my apartment even though there’s room to move anything anyway. I look forward to the day when I will have my own furniture, and it will all be clean and industrial. For the time being, I will covet a cork board.

I made one of my goals this week to reach out to someone I don’t know. On Friday I talked to a girl in my department at school. I don’t know her very well, but I know she’s been discouraged so I tried to encourage her. Truthfully, sometimes talking to people is the biggest adventure.

Traveling to Andalusia, Georgia, was the most exciting adventure so far. My friend and I went to visit the house where Flannery O’Connor lived. She is one of my favorite authors; I performed her short story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” for my senior recital in college. I deeply appreciate her portrayal of God’s grace and the human condition. I learned that she used her surroundings to create stories. If she can write such shocking, meaningful stories from a country farm, then I can certainly write stories from my secluded apartment. The trip was also exciting because I got to know someone better than I had before. My friend and I have much more in common than I ever realized. Two people who love God but struggle with sin getting together and pointing each other toward Christ is a blessing that I don’t get to experience often. (I also tried a giant pretzel from QT. It doesn’t compare to Flannery’s house, but it was yummy.)

On Tuesday last week I walked across the street from my apartment and ventured inside the eye examination building to set up an eye appointment. I have been avoiding this appointment all semester, but I’m finally down to my last pair of contacts. I went on Tuesday this week, and I met some of the kindest people. I was there for two hours trying to decide on a pair of glasses. These glasses define all my style choices for the next year; it’s a pretty big deal. The lady ringing me up told me how she came to know the Lord, and I have a seed of excitement growing in me about what this summer holds for me.

The next evening I went to my boss’s farewell party. My relationship to my boss is interesting because although he is my boss, I’ve never talked to him before. (Ironically, he just stepped into my office to ask me a question!) I wasn’t planning on going to the farewell party because I would have no one to go with, and he wouldn’t miss me at all. But I went; free food is always good. I also bought three new movies for less than $15. My next month’s resolution: stick to a budget. This week’s resolution: watch the movies.

Yesterday was an adventurous day. I wore the blue lipstick again. Apparently, it makes my eyes pop, but it is uncomfortably dry. My sister was sick with a migraine so I drove through the Starbucks drive through (my first time ever driving through a drive through) and bought her coffee. I parked way too far away from the window so I had to stick my body out the window to get the coffee, but it was worth it. I tried a new drink, a caramel latte with two pumps of toffee nut. To. Die. For. The coffee motivated me to begin researching publication. I submitted a second poem for publication.I began writing a fictional story, and I researched theatre jobs for playwrights. Hopefully, something will open up soon and provide me with some direction. Irony of ironies: sometimes your teachers have been giving you direction all along and you were just too stupid to listen to it. That news flash is one of the lessons I learned this week.

I babysat my friend’s boys last night. The parents had a date night so I fed the boys supper. I’ve never fed them before. They have never been clingy before either. They wanted me to do everything with them. We played checkers, soccer, baseball, and chess. They introduced me to their chickens. (Somehow the chickens climb this pine tree in the back yard and sleep in it at night! I really wanted to know how they got up there, but bird poop kept me on the ground.) I thought the boys would be tuckered out by 8:30. They were, but they were also sobbing hysterically for their mom to come home. No matter how much I tried to comfort them, they would still believe that there were monsters in their closets.

This week is one of those weeks that looks relaxing on a calendar, but each event written down takes five years to complete. Early mornings and late nights are not healthy for me or anyone living with me. By the time I finally got to bed last night, I dreamed about buying shorts. I kept buying brown shorts and wouldn’t stop. I don’t know where the idea came from, but now that’s all I want to do with my life. Buy shorts. And go to the beach.


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