Days 3 through 12 of Adventure April

So far in this month of adventure, I have learned two lessons: 1. I stink at being adventurous. 2. I spend lots of money when I shop with Anne.

I blame my lack of adventuring on grad school; the system produces a busyness that necessitates laziness.

One desire I have this month is to support autism awareness. A dear friend of mine has an autistic son. Hearing of her family’s struggles and victories in this area has been a huge blessing for me–so I set out to wear blue clothing all month long. I forgot somewhere in the middle of this week, but I have remembered the blue most days. I don’t own much blue; my clothes are mostly black and bright orange. autism awarenessMental note to add other colors to my wardrobe.

I did enjoy a candlelight bubble bath one Sunday evening, but my bathroom is tiny and I kept worrying that I’d step on a candle or that one would fall in the tub.candles and bubbles I don’t know if “enjoy” is the right word for that experience, although it did ease my headache. My desire for this month, however, is not to enjoy new experiences all alone but to reach out to people. So far this month has been Kaitlyn-consumed.

Monday was spent at my alternate ego’s studio. In my other life I’m a travel writer, and I write about the cultures in the places I visit. I’m actually dying on the inside that I’m not a travel writer every day. my studioBut spontaneous outings to Pizza Hut and the refreshing effect of Chick-fil-A’s new frosted coffee definitely put me in a good mood. Random grocery-shopping trips at 9:00 at night also help: La Croix, coffee gelato, chobani yogurt, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Obviously my diet needs to begin soon. I will spend the rest of this month avoiding potato chips, cookies, pastries, ice cream, brownies, white bread, soda pop, and fast food. While I’m turning my eating habits upside-down, I thought I might as well change my daily routine too so I skipped my 8:00 class on Tuesday. I taught the 9:00 class. (Teaching happens once every semester, but it’s still way out of my comfort zone.) Then I went home and watched a movie BEFORE doing homework! I even skipped my nap! Apparently, the world as we know it is ending. The day was actually completely boring so I desperately filled up my weekend with hangouts.

I painted my fingernails a hideous shade of silver. silver and blueThat mistake lasted exactly 24 hours. I ate a monstrous breakfast and tried to eat smaller meals the rest of the day. News flash: when you eat a large breakfast, you get hungrier. Or maybe that’s just me. I ate like a pig all day and then felt sick all night. The one good decision on this day was to wear one of my many hats that are collecting dust in my closet. I don’t care how good they look on me; I still hate wearing hats.IMG_3004

I bought blue lips? Do I love it? yes! Will I ever be able to wear it? no. Sadly. I also bought a green dress from Land’s End–thank you, Anne.IMG_3006 Is it fabulous? yes. Will I ever wear it? I hope so. Someday. When I care about how I look.

I’m directing a staged reading of a new play. I made this decision months ago, but the rehearsals didn’t begin until last week. This process is an unplanned newbie.

I spent one evening hanging out with a student. I drove to Barnes & Noble on Haywood Road–that trip was a first. I bought my first grown-up coloring books, and I realized for the first time that I am not the only Christian who struggles with going to church. I also began watching Happy Valley. I discovered my next series to be binge-watched.

I drove to Shepherd’s Care for the first time and had to parallel park for the first time since my driving test. I babysat my friend’s daughter for the first time. (I’m a boring person; I hope she enjoyed watching Netflix all afternoon.) Then I took my student from last semester all over Woodruff Road–Ulta Beauty where I bought more cancer shampoo, Charming Charlie where I bought my first midi-ring, and World Market where I pride myself on having bought nothing. I also ate at Fresh2Order for the first time. Yum!yummy food at Fresh2Order

The next evening began my forgetfulness of this month of adventure. It was adventure enough for me to have my best friend visiting from California! He and my friend Elisabeth came over to watch my favorite movie ever and eat my favorite foods ever and drink my favorite tea ever! I learned that I stink at giving hugs; apparently they are painful. I also learned that I will say stupid and embarrassing things when I hug people. So no one is ever getting a hug from me again. Period.

I hung out with my best friend for most of the morning the next day. I went to Student Life & Discipleship three times (but only once for me); I enjoyed talking with the workers there. I learned about Hendersonville, coffee, and grandsons. I tried my first lavender latte. Also a wise life choice.

Yesterday was my last day with my best friend. I went to class in a brand new classroom. I went home and slept. I finished watching Happy Valley. Then I hung out with him. And I got angry. I became judgmental. I am depressed now. Why can’t any of my friendships be normal and drama-free? Obviously because Kaitlyn is part of the equation, and I am Drama Queen.

This account brings us up to date. I couldn’t sleep last night for missing my best friend who just got on his plane to go back home. I couldn’t forgive myself for being such an idiot at dinner last night when I hung out with his other friends. I can’t forgive myself for always being the second choice. This morning my subconsious went to work on Adventure April for me. Somehow I ended up wearing black shoes, navy blue tights, a gray skirt, and a green shirt.



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