Security Fail

Security is a fleeting gift. But we all make decisions verging on insanity to hold onto it.

I text people incessantly.

I ask obnoxious questions like, “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

I do homework in bed.

I watch one TV episode before I go to sleep.

I say good night to the people I love.

I post pictures on Instagram.

I buy clothes that I will never actually wear in public.

I drink large quantities of coffee.

I laugh when I want to cry.

I pretend to talk on the phone when I’m walking alone.

I wear fuzzy socks on rainy days.

I keep almost everyone at a distance.

I eat ice cream when I’m happy.

I sleep when I’m sad.

I never wear hats.

I collect empty notebooks.

I refuse to own an umbrella.

I don’t believe in cash.

I believe fortune cookies are real.

And all because I want to feel something akin to security.





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