Showers of Blessings

I have the most incredible parents. When my sister was born, my dad prayed that she’d be ugly so that no man would fall in love with her. Thankfully, that prayer did not come true—my sister is not ugly (although she is still available *cough cough*).

When I was born, and ever since then, my parents have prayed that no man would fall in love with me until he was the right man in sync with the right timing. They don’t want me to get distracted with the wrong guy or, heaven forbid, be distracted for ten years with the right guy before being able to settle down. They know me too well.

Obviously, I got distracted a few times. Fishing can be dangerous. And I am of the sort that when I get distracted by one fish in the sea, no other fishes can distract me. I have had my share of woe-be-gone moments: Why doesn’t anyone like me? What’s wrong with me? I must not be pretty enough. I must not be funny enough. I must not be quiet enough. I must not be . . . enough. And then my mother kindly says, “Kaitlyn, you’re a goober.”homemade bags

I gladly blame my parents’ prayers for my failed one-sided romances. And I’m knocked-out serious about that. God’s protection comes many times in what He doesn’t allow me to do. In fact, I believe that the truly unique blessing of being a Christian is often what the Lord keeps me from and not what He gives me outright.

About two and a half years ago, I applied for a graduate assistantship in teaching. I did not get the job and cried for three nights straight. But the Lord provided for my needs with the job I have now (for one more day). Today I realized that the graduate assistantship I begin on Monday falls under the same umbrella as the one I applied for those years ago. Blessing upon blessing.


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