Catching Up with Coffee

I’m a little behind in my coffee-blogging endeavors. Good intentions tend to be forgotten during the weekend and are only remembered when Monday morning rolls on top of you in bed. Rather than spend the next week catching up, I intend to sprint ahead today.

I certainly drank coffee over the weekend. That may be why all four sides of my body got hit by brick walls today. (I’m fairly certain I wasn’t the one running.)frothy coffee

Friday evening I drank an Italian macchiato—espresso with a small amount of frothed milk–while enjoying the company of a good friend. Not only is it culture shock every time you enjoy the company of someone other than yourself, but this friend and I also enjoyed the shock of exploring a futuristic Chicago and beyond. This particular friend is from the Midwest and happens to work the same job I do and live in the same apartment complex. Needless to say we have much in common. We both share a burning love for good conversation, good books, good food, good music, and good friends. She is probably one of the few who could immediately enter into the drama of my family and feel completely at home and at ease. We also have a lot of distinct differences, differences for which I admire her. She could be friends with anyone; she has a gift for discovering common ground. She has a passion for excellence that refuses to settle for second-best, no matter what the extra push costs her. She has a huge personality, complete with a brain, and she is not afraid to use it, no matter how intimidating. And no matter what, she will stand by her friends, whether she understands their choices or not, whether she agrees with their choices or not. Disloyalty is not in her vocabulary (and being an editor, she has an impressively extensive vocabulary). She decided it was time for me to watch Divergent. Knowing that action films are not my cup of tea, she was a little apprehensive about how I would take it. I have not read any of the action-movie-based-on-the-original-books books, although they are on my one-hundred page list. But I have seen all of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. And although I enjoy seeing these films, they are not my go-to Friday-night movies. But I thoroughly loved Divergent; indulge me as I gush out why.

The heroine is a normal girl—not pretty, not ugly—trying to figure out who she is and what her purpose in life is. I know I would love it if I could take a test that would tell me what to do with my life. But this girl is labeled “divergent” and is faced with a difficult choice—to leave her family and follow her dreams or stay with her family and perhaps miss the opportunity of a lifetime. She chooses to leave her family but is comforted by the knowledge that her parents love her and support her no matter what. The rest of the movie involves the action, and although the plot was wonderfully intense, what stayed with me was Tris’s stubborn independence. Sometimes being different is good. Sometimes making a statement is wise. I would rather be different and unexpected than conform to what everyone expects and wants.

After staying up late Friday night and buying groceries Saturday morning before heading to my parents’ house, I only had time for a short shot of espresso.espresso But it served its purpose. It kept me up until the wee hours of the morning when I had to face the two-year-olds in the nursery. While they ran their cars into each other and made me read “Big Brown Bear” twenty million times, I remembered that I had a special treat waiting for me once I got back home: my café con miel. I poured a few tablespoons of honey into the bottom of a glass mug. I added one cup of freshly brewed espresso, a cup of steamed milk, and a dash of cinnamon to the top. Not exactly the drink to partake in while eating a spicy black bean burger with tomato, onion, and pickles, but delicious nonetheless.yummy coffee

After a busy, loud, rest-defying weekend, tonight I am back in my own apartment, trying to get my body back on track. What better way than to contemplate the origin of life while sipping a café bombon?


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