Need More Coffee

In case you were wondering, Americans like coffee—a lot. If they are “one cup per morning” people, they prefer STRONG coffee, espresso type. Some people “only drink one cup of coffee a day but warm it up a little,” in effect, drinking ten to twelve cups a day. They prefer coffee with cream and sugar– weakened coffee. And then there are the people who want “just a little” coffee and really do mean that. They receive a cup and take only one sip, maybe two, just enough to taste and feel.

I could be any one of these people, depending on the day. Some days warrant more coffee than others. Some warrant stronger coffee than others. And some warrant sweeter coffee than others. Yesterday I remained true to the US tradition of strong coffee—two double shots of espresso combined with one part milk, also known as the Gibraltar.
And boy, did I need the extra boost! Saturday was my brother and sister’s birthdays. The day was filled with errands. After beginning a lazy day with my café tobio, I had to do laundry and come up with some sort of workout regimen for my weekend. My brother’s friend arrived around 1:00, before my parents had even returned home from a wedding they had attended. So began the attempts to finish my laundry, workout, and entertain. At 2:30 the discovery was made that without milk and flour the apple pie could not be made. The errands began. Two hours later, after successfully picking up my brother at work, driving him to his house to get his laundry, getting lost on the way to the library, dropping off a book at the wrong library, getting drenched in a rainstorm, and buying my cancer shampoo, we finally made it to the grocery store, where my brother bought groceries that he forgot in my parents’ refrigerator. And all of this before my sister’s friend arrived from camp at 5:30.

My mom had been slaving away in the kitchen all afternoon making enchiladas and taco-salad dip for supper (“garbage” in my brother Isaac’s opinion), and she hadn’t had time to make the apple pie. So I courageously volunteered my efforts to save the apple pie, and with Jess’s help, made a tremendous apple pie and have now been designated the official apple-pie maker for all major holidays. And the evening had only just begun.FullSizeRender (3)

As you can imagine, my evening ended later than usual, and Sunday morning arrived much too soon. The Gibraltar is what got me through the makeup stage of my morning. I was truly American. I woke up late, ate a granola bar for breakfast, drank espresso, and painted my face till I deemed it worthy of public view. And then in the afternoon, I drank more coffee—the sweet kind with cream and sugar.

But you know something? Sometimes Sundays are the crankiest of all my days. Why must I be fighting and having troubles, instead of just sort of being happy? Well…at least in a small way, I think the extra amount of coffee helped.


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