Cafe Tobio

Saturday mornings are always beautiful. I get to sleep longer than usual and take my time waking up before facing the daily chores. And I get to really enjoy my coffee.

Yesterday I tried another US favorite–the cafe tobio, one part espresso and one part regular drip coffee. Although I sipped the coffee in the privacy of my bedroom, I spent the morning with the apostle Paul and the Galatians. FullSizeRender (2)

The problems Paul addressed in his letter to the Galatians are problems we still face today. Christians still turn away from the Lord to pursue other desires. I am no exception. This summer I have come to see more clearly how often I am led astray by my own fear. I fear debt. I fear poverty. I fear illness. I fear loneliness. And I spend my time doing whatever I need to do to keep myself from these. I make budgets (and then ignore them because I know that no matter how hard I try to make ends meet, for the next two years of my life, saving money will not be an option). I check my bank account constantly as if to make sure the money didn’t all of a sudden disappear. I have gone to three different doctors in the last year, hoping to find a medication that will finally fix my sickness, only to realize that the medication will cost me approximately $70.00 per month. Where does that belong in my budget? To occupy my mind from these fears, I work out almost an hour every day and then spend my evenings texting people. I’m afraid of what “free time” will do to me.

I should be fleeing my own sin. Instead I try to ignore it or fix myself. But I can’t. Only God can. And I rejoice that I serve a God who has already graciously forgiven my sin, giving me the freedom to begin every moment with my heart already wiped clean.


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