Mastering Monday

It’s Monday!

We all know what that means. We slept in a little bit too late, once again personified “no-make-up-Monday”, skipped breakfast, overcompensated with too much coffee, had a migraine by 10:00, and from the moment you stepped into the office, began to count down the hours till you could leave work and go to bed. Regardless of what the weekend entails, it is never long enough, it is never restful enough, it simply is not enough.

No matter what job you have, no matter how much you love it, inspiration is simply hard to come by on Mondays. The following is my recipe for Mastering Monday:

  • At least 1 thermos (16 oz.) of extremely strong coffee—Treat yourself to Starbucks (if you like the burned-bean flavor), Gevalia (my new go-to), Dunkin’ Donuts, Columbian coffee…you get the idea. Monday is and always will be a splurge day.IMG_2147
  • At least 2 16 oz. bottles of water—Drinking this much water is not only good for you, it also necessitates at least 4 trips away from your desk (twice to fill the water bottle and twice to use the bathroom).IMG_2659
  • At least 2 snacks, one vegetable and one fruit—Eat your first snack at 10:00. (I eat my vegetable at 10:00.) It fills you up and keeps your stomach from misery. I eat my second snack at 3:00 (the time of day when, whether you are hungry or not, you really don’t know if you can make it till 5:00). I like to eat my fruit then. Any fruit that requires a trip to the trash can is good (apple, banana, grapes, pear, peach, etc.), but I especially like to eat oranges because it takes me about an hour to unpeel them and take all the nasty white vein-looking tissues off.
  • 1 tea bag, caffeinated or decaffeinated—Right now I am drinking caffeinated Red Goji Raspberry Green Tea. I drink it at 2:00, after lunch and before snack (extra bonus: 1 cup of tea equals 2 trips away from my desk).IMG_2303
  • 1 tube of lotion applied to dry skin once every three hours—This routine forces your body to move in a different way, hopefully avoiding (in my case) carpal tunnel.
  • a clean environment–Organize your mess. Your workplace will look more inviting if you don’t have to crawl over mounds of garbage to reach the computer, to say nothing of your brain’s health.IMG_2735
  • an inspiring atmosphere–Surround your space with things that inspire you. I have pictures of friends and family, my favorite quotations, flowers, and Bible verses on my bookcase. (I used to keep my blanket by my desk too, but the inspiration to sleep was a little too strong.)
  • at least 1 playlist–I have several, depending on my mood. Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Collabro, Christina Perri, and the Piano Guys all have their own playlist. Sadly, music inspires me a little too much so I can only listen to 1 of my playlists during a regular work day (unless it’s Friday when I don’t care).
  • at least 8 different lists, 1 for every hour–I keep lists on my phone: what I need to do today, things I love, thoughts for meditation, plays I want to write, what I need to buy at the grocery store, books I want to read, movies I want to watch, and a list of my passwords. Every hour I update one of my lists.
  • 1 goal for the evening–The goal should be something you want to do, something that is purposeful, and something that can feel like a reward. Today that goal was to run for 31 minutes. (It also translated into eating orange shortbread chocolate chip cookies that my apartment mate (she said it was time to name her so here it is:Julie! She also has a sister, who is my other apartment mate, but she shall remain nameless until she wishes to be named)   IMG_2310  made after supper.

And after I have done all these things, I look back at my day and am astonished by what a good day this Monday really was.


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