Artistic Musings

This week I’ve been pondering the question what is art? I had a performance in class this week that I felt no artistic inclination to work on at all. I felt restricted and uninterested. I guess I just did not feel inspired. I had an “ahah” moment when I realized that I actually don’t enjoy performing. What I enjoy is the creative process. Performing can be a creative process, but it isn’t always. The only creative part of this project’s process was the research I did on my chosen persona. But that persona made me inward focused, and I did not care at all about my audience. I have decided that my performance, therefore, was not art.

At the beginning of the year, I had to read an article for class about 9/11. The author talked about whether or not 9/11 was a work of art. I never thought it was, simply because I didn’t want it to be. (I tear up at everything. I teared up this week thinking about how the American people were so sad George Washington stepped down from the presidency that they didn’t cheer for John Adams after his inauguration. So obviously, no one could convince me that something horrible had some sort of artistic significance.) I now can state with certainty that I don’t believe 9/11 was art because the event did not inspire anyone to create something new. I believe that for art to truly be art, it must inspire others to create. 9/11 was an act of destruction, not creation. photo (12)

When God created the world, He was the first artist. He created man in His own image and then gave them an artistic project. He told them to have dominion over the earth. And since that day, God’s people have needed to make new things and inspire others to make new things too.

In conclusion, this week my miniature cactus was a work of art. My coworker and I received an email from a friend with a picture of a mini cactus. My coworker forwarded the email to another friend, and this friend went out and bought a mini cactus. That mini cactus now resides in our pod. I was inspired to go buy my own, and now my cactus (August) sleeps on my dresser.

About two months ago (but who’s counting?) a difficult breakup inspired me to go on holiday to London. I guess I could say it was a work of art. But I also know it was a work of art because it was a part of God’s beautiful story for my life.


2 thoughts on “Artistic Musings

  1. “its not the destination but the Journey” –Someone
    My first reaction was, what are you doing getting a masters in Theater arts if you don’t like preforming. Then read the rest of it. You are comparing your performances to most other achievements in life. Like college it’s the late nights and early mornings, not the pice of paper. You are discussing your art and how it exists as an idea before you incarnate it into art.
    I’m not going to say that 9/11 was art. knowing some New Yorkers who remember that day like it was yesterday I think it is not right to say that it was art. I will say art has happened as a result of 9/11. Someone had the opportunity to sculpt the memorial. The World Trade center was rebuilt, and is more ascetically pleasing than it was before. I was considering buying a mini cactus when I finally move so I could embrace living plants in my room. Glad it’s becoming a thing.


    • I agree that art has happened as a result of 9/11. But if the definition of art that I have come to is that art is a creation that inspires others to create, then 9/11 was not art. It was destruction. God’s “destroying” my life is art because He is still creating me to be like Himself. The definition of art can be a relative thing I guess, but truth is not. And that’s all that really matters.


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