Taking Over the World

I’ve been hiding from my computer all week. You see, Tuesday was the day that Fishie and I were supposed to go to Wicked together. I didn’t mourn the loss too much. I worked like any other day, made gingerbread cookies, and went out with a friend to Chick-fil-A and Walmart. She taught me how to fill tires with air, and the air was free. So that definitely made for a good evening. In addition, she has been the instrument through which God has answered two of my biggest prayer requests already.

In this last week, God has given me several opportunities. He’s just plopped them in my lap. Seeing God at work as I have this last week is the greatest motivation for me to keep trusting Him. I know He cares about my hurts. And I know He’s working in them for good. He is clearly laying out a path for next year, and I am ecstatic about where it will lead.

Yesterday night I went to Wicked with two good girl friends. And you know what? I know for a fact that I had far more fun with them than I ever would have had with Fishie, break up or not. With them I could be free to enjoy the music and the acting and the costumes and the spectacle of it all. With him I would have thought about what he was thinking, what he was feeling, what he wanted. If nothing else, I know that I am finally free.

And now let me give you a plug-in for the play I’m in. Tomorrow is opening night! The plays are funny to watch and fun to be in! Come and enjoy whether you have found love or not. And be watching for my Valentine post. It’s coming. And it will be good.photo (9)


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