Moving On

Yesterday marked the last day of my love detox. I’m not sure if it worked. I am definitely not completely over Fishie. I am not mad at him anymore. I am mostly mad at myself for thinking that he would ever love me. But as far as love in general goes, I am definitely detoxed. At this particular point in time, I want to be single. No question. No exception. So the blog is over. But I will not stop blogging. I just have to find what to write about next.

I acquired a new piece of furniture yesterday. It used to hold old proofs at the press I work for. Now it holds my books, magazines, and music selections. My sister and I had to do some rearranging, but we are excited about the change. When I got off work this afternoon (early–hallelujah!), I came home to do some domestic chores like cooking. I don’t understand people who enjoy it. I love eating but not cooking…unless I’m on vacation and have time to clean up after I make the mess. And as usual, what should have taken forty-five minutes to cook took over an hour and a half. I went downtown to visit my brother at work briefly. But I mostlyphoto (8) made a new friend with a girl who lives in the same apartment complex I do. We have a lot in common; it’s amazing what you learn when you take the time to talk to people. And listen. Tomorrow I am going out with three of my coworkers for lunch at a Jewish deli. Super pumped. I’ve been dreaming about it all week. Then I think I will go thrifting for more desk decorations. Not that I’m becoming more career-centered. But I do want to be more at home where God has me for now. In my job. In my location. In my relationship status. In my friendships. In my church. In my family. Even in my dreams. God has blessed me with many opportunities. And He created me the way I am, strong-willed and passionate, for a reason. He has a purpose for my life here now that apparently I couldn’t do with Fishie in the way. I feel like I’m swimming upstream. But at least I’m swimming.


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