Week 4 Day 4: Flirt More

Week 4 Day 4: Who has time for this? I mean, seriously. According to the love detox, I was supposed to be ready for “going out” by now. But I’m not. I would probably have gotten over Fishie faster if he hadn’t kept calling me and trying to break up with me over and over again. This happened when I broke up with my other boyfriend too. After I broke up with him, he felt the need to call me and break up with me again. Maybe it’s a guy thing to have to be the one to do the breaking up. Whatever the case, Fishie and I are truly broken up for good no matter what. I don’t think he’s even going to return my green plate.

I have a new desk at work, and now I feel the urge to decorate it. If I hadn’t gone out tonight, I would have “prepared for decorating” all night long while listening to Dean Martin’s “You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You.” I guess that will have to wait until Thursday or Friday night.

This afternoon I got to eat lunch with a good friend of mine that I haven’t seen in two years. And he allowed me to accomplish my recent bucket-list addition to eat a big mac. We went to Holmes Park (a place I should really avoid if I want to forget Fishie). As we were leaving, this little boy ran up to me and yelled, “Wait! I wanted to give you these flowers. They are flowers, and I wanted to give them to you. My name is  Blake. Will you promise not to forget me?” I promised him that I never would. I will name my first hypothetically adopted child Blake in his honor. And I will bring a vase with me to work tomorrow to arrange the flowers in. My heart has melted.


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