Week 4 Day 2: Flirt Day 2

Week 4 Day 2: Get Out and Have Fun Day 2.

Today I did not flirt. Shame on me. But Saturday is supposed to be my rest day, ya know? And I just wanted to be alone…or with people where I can just be me. I slept in past the point of decency. I called my mom and learned some encouraging information about her church’s assistant pastor. I met him while I was traveling on drama team, and I helped his wife get ready for a college party this Christmas. He truly has a pastor’s heart, which is encouraging in general, but it’s even more encouraging when it relates to me and my own insignificant life. As my sister says, I have hundreds of people who are on my side because they do love me. And I am thankful.

I went to the grocery store with my friend. She and I tried to look at some apartments with no luck. I would like to move to a new place soon if I can. I just don’t think I will be able to find another apartment complex for dirt cheap that isn’t in a sketchy part of town. I got home and made supper for my sister and me. This second stage of grief is hitting me hard. I’ve been falsely accused before, but I’ve never cared. It was either a friendship I no longer cared about or an accusation that was so far fetched that no one would believe it in his right mind. But Fishie’s false accusation of me is believed by his friends, his parents, and his pastor. And by him. But my lashing out will do no good. My trying to prove my innocence does no good. There is absolutely nothing I can do but wait for God to work. I am truly at a point of complete helplessness. But Jesus was falsely accused, and He opened not His mouth. In fact, He willingly faced false accusation so that He might be able to save me. And Fishie. He loves Fishie just as much as He loves me.

I ended my evening with another girls’ night out. Great food, funny movie, and awesome friends! I am blessed beyond measure.


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