Week 4 Day 1: Flirt Day 1

Week 4 Day 1: Date 1–Jeremy. After a long day at work, I had a wonderful evening. Eight hours and forty-five minutes of work isn’t a long day for most people, but when a typical Friday is around six and a half hours, today felt like torture. To be completely honest, the last thing I wanted to do was go out with a guy. Not because of him, but because my introverted self couldn’t handle the exhaustion. And after an extremely emotional week, my whole body aches. I can officially say that I am finally moving out of the first stage of grief and am now moving into the second. I am completely ticked off and feeling self righteous about it. Never fear. The Lord won’t let this exist in my heart for long.

God is so good. He gave me three unanticipated blessings today. The first–a girl who lives near me emailed me the most encouraging letter. We don’t even know each other, but she empathizes with what I’m going through and encouraged me to keep looking to Christ for my satisfaction. Knowing that people actually read this and care…even just a little…is huge.

Then I got to go out with Jeremy and had a blast! I tried a new restaurant downtown and had the most delicious French onion soup I’ve ever tasted in my twenty-three-year-old life. And he and I had a great talk. I think the only thing more encouraging than someone walking with the Lord is someone walking with the Lord after battling through an extremely difficult and painful circumstance when all of life seemed hopeless. To see someone find the hope that he had lost is more of a blessing than words can describe. Life is hard. It will always be hard. No matter what victories we have or what sins we conquer, Satan is always seeking to find a way to discourage us and trip us up. But as Christians, we have to fight the sin. No matter how hard it is. No matter that the fight won’t end on this earth. We have the victory in Christ!

And the third and perhaps greatest blessing of all–I got to see my brother and meet his friend. I love spending time with my brother. He works at Coffee to a Tea (time out for a commercial break–you should go to Coffee to a Tea. Their gluten-free breads are to die for. The cakes and pastries are delicious. My brother makes the best tea lattes in the world. GO! And make sure you tip him well.photo (7)) I don’t get to see my brother that much because he’s always working, and I don’t have a car. When I get to see him, I usually stay until closing. And I did that tonight.

And in other news: I bought my Wicked ticket. So there. I’m sticking that in Fishie’s grill. I will wear that knockout dress. I will wear the fake eyelashes. I will have a wonderful time in my lower-class seat. I am popping that blister so that now it can heal.


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