Week 3 Day 7: Try a New Restaurant

Week 3 Day 7: Hmmm…no car still. But that’s all right. (I’m not meaning to be crass.) I have spent today eating my past filth. The day of reckoning will be no more. Fishie canceled his Christmas present for me–Wicked. So much for the fabulous dress. So much for looking forward to February 10. I almost gave up on blogging because of today. But…somehow…right now writing gets me through the pain.

I wish I could go back in time and redo my entire college career. I wish I had never met Fishie. I wish more than anything that no matter what wrongs I’ve done that he would choose to look past them in love and forgive me. I guess I’m still hoping for the moon.

Someday there will be someone who will see my faults and love me unconditionally anyway. And you know what? There already is. God. He knows all my faults–all the ones in my past and the ones in my future–and He loves me anyway. And He’s forgiven me.


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