Week 3 Day 5: Be Independent

Week 3 Day 5: I’m sure there was supposed to be a goal for today; I was so busy I forgot what it was. But I still think today was one of the most positive days in my Charlie Brown World thus far. I arrived at work this morning to a very sweet surprise. Somebody left a vase of flowers on my desk. Maybe the flowers weren’t really meant for me. (There was no note.) But I kept them on my desk and watered them and pruned them all day long. If the flowers really were meant for me, then I would like to know who gave them to me and how the person got them in the building without ID card access and without my noticing. Some mysteries were not meant to remain unsolved. I solved the mystery of the snickers bar. I will solve this one too.

After work I had a two-hour makeover with Sarah. Pictures will remain unposted until the fateful day of February 10. I ended up being late for the artist series, and my friends (that I had never met before) had gone in without me. I enjoyed the first half of the show from the back of the auditorium. But I will say that when I moved up to the green section after intermission, I enjoyed the show even more. Personality is priceless. And so are godly female friends.

Tomorrow’s goal (I’m pretty sure) will also not end up getting accomplished because I have no car. But I can still take a positive step forward…even if it’s only a step in finding out who gave me flowers!photo (7)


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