Week 3 Day 3: Take a Class

Week 3 Day 3: Learn Something New. I already started a new class a little over a week ago. And I would have done that whether I was getting over a broken heart or not. So I decided that I would ask my friend Austin to teach me how to sew today. And he did! I got a blazer tailored and ripped out the seams of a skort so that I can turn it into a bigger skirt. Today was just a blessing all around. Church is always a blessing, of course. I got to go to the Nachtergaeles’ house for lunch. Amanda let me try on dresses so that I could find one appropriate for my date week next week. Then I went to sewing class at Austin’s. Around 5:30 Katriena and Amanda picked me up and took me to community group. I haven’t had a church family ever since my family left Dublin, New Hampshire, when I was seventeen. I have one now. We had a wonderful discussion about trusting the Lord. Most people (in our group at least) struggle with trusting God with their present circumstances or with their futures. I think I struggle the most with trusting God for my past. I trust that He has me going through this heartbreak for a reason. I trust that He has my future under His control and that His plan is perfect and good. But I struggle with believing that all the mistakes I’ve made in my past, all the times I should have listened to my parents and didn’t, all the chances I had to avoid what I’m going through now…can God really turn my sin into a blessing? I know the answer is yes, but that’s my struggle. I’m so thankful that I have a church family now that I can share these struggles with. God has blessed me in more ways than I can thank Him for. I’m looking forward to another week in which God can lead and prove His grace.


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