Week 3 Day 2: No One-Night Stands

Week 3 Day 2: Don’t worry. I avoided (and have avoided) this since birth. This morning I woke up late after having a wonderful dream: Most of my “romantic” dreams end up with my significant other saying, “You’re not worth it” and killing me. In this dream I went back to my old home, Dublin, and hung out with this old man in the Snack Shop. I explained to him that I used to live in the black-and-white house back when it was red and that there used to be an apple tree in the front yard instead of the White House. But in the middle of our conversation, some man began to shoot at us. When I opened my eyes, some attractive young man with dark brown curly hair and scruff was hugging me. I hugged him back. And I woke up from my happily ever after.

I went to visit Fishie’s grandma during lunch. I almost cried as I sat there with her. She loves her family, and she treats me as part of it. I see how much Fishie loves his family, and I know that whoever he marries will be one lucky woman. I just wish he would choose to love me. Then I went with Fishie’s sister to see the art gallery again.

This afternoon I went out for coffee with Mama J. Getting to catch up with people you haven’t seen in awhile is always refreshing. I came home and read through some magazines and then went to the grocery store. Never go to the grocery store when you have a migraine. The result: a bag of sugar, two 12-packs of soda, 24 burritos, and a few veggies. The ride back was an adventure. My seat belt was broken, and I think I died eight times. I have at least one more life. But no worries. If I die before the end of this month of detoxing, my sister will finish blogging for me.

I’m still looking for dates for next week. I’ve only found two definites…and two maybes. So I still need at least three! I’ll make it as un-torturous as possible.

photo (6)


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