Week 3 Day 1: Avoid Drive-Bys

Week 3 Day 1: Avoid Drive- (or Walk-) Bys. Not hard to avoid when you don’t have a car. But what is hard to avoid is remembering how every day for the last two years I would meet Fishie outside work every morning and afternoon and give him my hard-earned peppermint patties or vandalize his car with sticky notes. I also remembered him with a pang of pity when I put on the baseball hat he gave me. (I’m afraid I got stuck walking in the middle of a hail storm and did not feel like dripping all over my clean laundry.)

I did make myself proud today in one respect. I went into a little shop and asked the clerk to give me something for free. And she did. She gave me a bag full of Christmas notes. I have no idea what I’ll use them for. But I mean seriously, is that not adorable?

Now I need your help. This is week 3, but next week is week 4–probably my hardest week to actually meet my goals. I am supposed to flirt all week long. Flirting is a scientifically proven impossibility for me. But I would like to do something (eat, drink coffee, go running, go to a movie, something unique) with a different guy each night. So if you are a single guy or know of one, call me about next week. 😉


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