Week 2 Day 7: Do Something

Week 2 Day 6: Don’t Be Lazy! I’m seriously amazed at how much I get done in a day and how much I don’t get done at the same time. Today I got up late (as usual) but made it to work early (very unusual for a Thursday). But it was especially good to get to the 8:00 work meeting this morning because it lasted for over forty-five minutes. All that means is that something important and secretive was discussed. Then I only had to work for an hour on my manuscript before going to another meeting. When I came back from that meeting, I had ten minutes before chapel. After chapel I decided to support my fellow coworkers by visiting their art show (which was fantastic!). I work with the most talented people. Then I walked back to work while memorizing play lines and continued working on my manuscript for two more hours before going to class. In class we defined and performed most of the different types of performance analysis, watched two introductory videos of Scripture performance, and briefly hashed out the controversial 9/11 article. I went back to work for two more hours and (almost) finished the manuscript I had started this morning. I called my mom like I always do on my walk home and then made supper, ate, and wrote three memoirs while also half-watching Sherlock Holmes. Play practice began at 8:30, I managed to lock myself out of my apartment (again), and came back home to begin the process of applying for my passport. With all that going on, how did I still find time to think about Fishie, worry about him, think about what I would say if only I were talking to him, and wish that I could see him again. Yesterday, I thought I was the world’s fastest getter-over-of-a-bad-relationship-er, but I’m not over him. Not yet.


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