Week 2 Day 6: Girls’ Night Out

Week 2 Day 6: …or girls’ night in, as the case may be. One phrase describes my entire performance as employee today: dying on the vine. Apparently that means I was wilting all day like a tomato. Some days are slower than others. Today was slow. During my hour lunch break, I did homework for my Contemporary Narrative Performance class. (One of my professors is convinced I need to get a masters in philosophy. I never fully agree with him, but today I came close.) I had to read an article that discussed whether or not the events of 9/11 could be considered art. No one wants to think about that. But depending on your definition of art, many things could squeeze into the declaration. Although not all things should. I enjoy thinking about what art is and what is isn’t, and I like to think about why I believe in the art I do. But I don’t like to organize my thoughts about it. The world will never agree on what art is. Just like it can’t agree on what truth is. I know what God’s Word says, and that’s what I will always believe.

But a heavy day at work is always easier to bear when you get to see your best friend for supper! It was her first time coming over to my apartment. Usually I go to her place because it’s more convenient for her. But tonight she came to mine, and I made sesame chicken. I ate way too much of it, and then we watched a totally feel-good movie. I’m so thankful for her, and I will miss her terribly if she moves back to Alaska. But I’m glad that God knew I needed her near me now.


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