Week 2 Day 4: Announce Availability

Week 2 Day 4: In case anyone did not know, I am available. Glad I got that over with.

Today was the first rehearsal of Horton Foote’s Blind Date. I love acting. Not because I think I’m all that good at it. Not because it’s my life passion. Not because I think it’s fun. I love it because I can be not me. Whoever that is. Tonight, for a few hours, I wasn’t Kaitlyn: the BJU Press elementary history editor, the girl with a chronic illness, the girl who ruins every friendship she touches, the girl who feels so lonely she can’t see straight. Tonight I was Sarah Nancy. I just wanted to listen to Rudy Vallee on the radio. I just wanted to look at my aunt’s old yearbooks. I just wanted to have peace. I didn’t want to spend time with a boy, especially not Felix. I didn’t care what he thought of me. And I told him exactly what I thought of him. And it felt unbelievably good to not hold anything back. And by the time the night was over, I had made a friend. In spite of our differences, Felix and I actually have a lot in common. And we could let go and forgive.

Now why can’t my life be like that? It can be…on Thursday night at 8:30. Unfortunately, I have to be Kaitlyn until then.


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