Week 2 Day 3: Avoid Tubs of Ice Cream

Week 2 Day 3: No Guilty Pleasure Week–that’s what this week really is. And today I caved. Why? Because Fishie showed up at my church today. And afterward we talked. This “breakup” refuses to be resolved. He doesn’t understand, and I hate hurting him. But sometimes you have to make the hard decisions in order to do what’s right. Then I told Sterling and Andrew to buy me a tub of ice cream, and they did.

The message in church this morning was on God’s generosity. I believe God loves me; I do. I believe He wants what’s best for me. I believe He has a wonderful plan for my life. I believe these truths because the Bible says they are true. How can the God who sent His Son to die on the cross for my sins not want what’s best for me on this side of eternity? I believe all this in my head. But I struggle with believing it in my heart. I’m not saying this to make the world of Christianity freak out. I’m saying this because it’s true. Christians struggle too. When people you love reject God and your dreams come crashing down around you, it’s hard to see how God can be good. I’m not going to reject God or decide I don’t believe He exists anymore. I choose to believe He is good even though I don’t feel like it right now. photo (5)


One thought on “Week 2 Day 3: Avoid Tubs of Ice Cream

  1. Kaity, I certainly understand. God takes us through difficult times so He can show Himself to us. Probably ALL people have unfulfilled dreams. The valleys of life do exist; but nothing can be better than when He finally works in your heart to show you Himself- even if it’s not giving you what you want. He is more than enough. I love you, dear niece!


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