Week 2 Day 2: Avoid Depressing Rom-Coms

Week 2 Day 2: Don’t Watch Chick Flicks. How do I avoid sappy movies on a Saturday? Go shopping! What else?

I spent my morning going thrrrrrifting with Paige. I was helping her find trinkets to decorate her apartment. In the process I found a comfy Sandra Bullock-type sweater and a beautiful wallpaper book. Don’t ask. I can’t explain. Then I went to Papi’s Tacos with the Nolan family to enjoy restaurant week in Greenville. Afterward Anne and I went all over creation doing errands, but we certainly found time to shop for fun items too. I had huge success. I found earrings, Michael Kohr dress pants, and fake eyelashes (yes, the makeover is coming.)

This evening was spent in grocery shopping (not as fun) and then watching a movie with my neighbor. When I came back home to go to bed, I realized that I hadn’t blogged yet and that my internet is no longer working.

I already know tomorrow will be a hard day. But I’m glad I have the support of my church family.  And I can’t wait to worship God together with them.


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