Week 2 Day 1: Go Outside

Week 2 Day 1: Get out of the apartment. Success. I got off work early and read Blind Date because I am playing Sarah Nancy in a production one month from…two days ago. For some reason I always get cast as the “ugly” one–Mary in Pride and Prejudice and a witch in Macbeth. Then I surprised my brother and visited his workplace, drank mocha, partied with Paige and my sister, made cinnamon rolls, and texted a strange stranger-man…who was not amused. But I was. And at least he does not think I am an embezzler.

Also, my makeover plans are making considerable progress. My guy friends do not support me in this endeavor and neither do my coworkers. My one guy friend told me that if I injected my lips with botox, he would approve. I think I’d rather pierce my tongue. That’s a joke.

Tomorrow I have big plans on the town.  All of them involve spending money. And when I say I’m going out on the town…I’m going out on the town. Get it?


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