Week 1 Day 7: Get Organized

Week 1 Day 7: Make Lists.

You know how when girls break up with guys, they have these rules about how they now have to behave? For example, the girls all go out and get a makeover. Don’t worry. Mine is coming. Another rule is that they now have to hate everything that reminds them of their ex, including their ex. I can’t hate Fishie. I tried, and then I gave up. He’s just too awesome to hate, but I can make a list of things that I will at least try to hate for the sake of our “break up.”

1. silver cars 2. ghetto cars 3. white minivans 4. red minivans 5. yellow sticky notes 6. theatre tickets 7. Mexican food 8. Thanksgiving 9. Christmas 10. construction 11. curly hair 12. Starbucks 13. gluten 14. set design 15. the World Cup 16. Easter 17. oreos 18. movie theatres 19. Frank Sinatra 20. holey shoes

I don’t think I can handle hating more than twenty things right now. Now on to a more constructive list: what I want to do with my gift of singleness.

1. overseas mission trip 2. write at least two plays based on this experience 3. read lots of literature 4. volunteer at Miracle Hill every month 5. travel to Europe, which means I have to 6. get my passport 7. go to grad school 8. get some teaching experience 9. get my license 10. start looking at new apartments

Thought to end on: I am a  broken person. Obviously, I just broke up with Fishie. And I’m not going to hide from anyone in order to mask the pain, including God. He already knows. And He is for me. I believe that. Now I’m going to live like it.


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