Week 1 Day 6: Meditate

Week 1 Day 6: Meditate. We all meditate every day, whether it’s beneficial or detrimental. I wanted today to be a beneficial day of meditation. I’m reading through 1776 by David McCullough. I bought the book for my thirteen-year-old brother last year for Christmas, and he sweetly let me take it home with me so that I could read it. I’m a history editor (did I mention that), and one of the projects a fellow coworker and I are working on involves the philosophy of education. He loves this book because it tells history in an engaging and memorable way. I thought the least I could do was read the book too. George Washington faced many challenges leading the American army. He often believed that his army would be safe as long as it could hold the forts. The British won several battles and humiliated the Americans because of this mindset. There was no safety in hiding. After facing defeat after defeat, several men deserted the American cause either to go home to their families or to change loyalties. The men that remained did not have enough clothing, food, or ammunition to gain much ground for the cause. Washington felt the burden placed on his shoulders keenly, never more so than when he intercepted a letter from General Lee, a man Washington trusted implicitly, written to Joseph Reed, another trusted friend. The letter betrayed the confidence that neither Lee nor Reed believed Washington was cut out for the job. Washington never pretended that he was cut out for the job, but now the two people he counted on most had lost faith in him as well. I’m sure he never felt as alone as he did on that day.

I can try to hide myself too. It’s easy for me to think that I will be safer if I don’t let people get too close to me. After all, look what happened when I let Fishie in. But I can’t win my battles alone. I need friends. I need my church. I need them to remind me that “this is the dark part of the night, which is generally just before day” (Nathanael Greene).

Almost three years ago I found myself in a situation that seemed hopeless to me. I needed a summer job, and I knew there were none at home in Georgia. It was too late to accept the counselling position at camp, and I needed money in order to go back to school in the fall. A girl who worked where I work now called her mom who called my mom to tell me that there were summer proofreading positions available. So I took a leap of faith and went in to take the test. The editorial supervisor told me that he had no more positions available for the summer but that he would consider me for the fall. An hour after taking the test, he called me to say that he had changed his mind and would hire me for that summer after all. Looking back I see how God has used that proofreading job to answer several of my other needs. Because of that job I was able to land a temp job as an editor and then transition to a full-time editor a year ago. God has always faithfully answered my prayers even if right now He only seems to be answering them with a no.

I’ve been studying through the book of Daniel in the Bible. I’m finally at chapter seven. What stands out to me is God’s faithfulness to His servants. God will never forsake those who put their trust in Him. And He promises that one day there will be no more tears. I can’t wait for that day.

In the House of the Seven Gables, Nathanael Hawthorne says, “Next to the lightest heart, the heaviest is apt to be most playful.” That was definitely the case tonight. I got to spend time with two of my girl friends. We read blogs of people who believe that Christians should get married when they are young. After reading these blogs, I have come to the conclusion that I am crippled because I have self-control. Or maybe I’m just too picky. But I’d rather wait and let God have His way any day.


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