Week 1 Day 5: Go Ahead and Mourn

Week 1 Day 5: Mourn. Yep. Today was the best day so far. To be given a day where I can go ahead and be a big baby doesn’t happen very often. (Thank you, Matthew Hussey.) Yeah, it didn’t really happen today either. I still had to go to work. But I made the most of it by going in my mourning attire. I wore a combination of black, gray, and navy blue. Don’t ask me how, but I think it worked. And I rewarded myself with a single-serving of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Call me a moron, but I love that stuff. I had such a great day today, I even decided to stay at work for an extra half-hour. Now that never happens. After coming home, I tried very hard to not clean my living room. After all, a depressed person would not clean. I took a super long, super hot shower. (By the way, if you mix sugar with red food coloring and then coat your body with it while you’re in the shower, it looks like someone got killed in your tub. Even if it does smell like peppermint.) Then I made two dozen M&M oatmeal cookies to go along with the cocoa wheats and banana cake.

The only part of today that was not satisfactory was the unfulfilled desire to eat a homemade cinnamon roll. I should have bought one at Cinnabon yesterday while I was at the mall, but I didn’t  know that I’d be craving one today. That’s the real reason for my mourning. Meanwhile…25,000 cookies later….


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