Week 1 Day 3: Don’t Talk About Him

Week 1 Day 3: I failed from the beginning. I woke up with a terrific resolve to not even think about Fishie today. And then I checked Facebook. I had three messages from friends asking me what happened between Fishie and me. Well…I answered those messages. Then I went to church where I heard a message on the biblical view of marriage…and thought about Fishie. I remembered why I left the Baptist church I had attended for four years with him. I remembered why I was supposed to meet Collin for coffee after church. And I wished for the day when meeting new guys would no longer be a chore and when remembering Fishie would equal a feeling of indifference.

My Belgian friends were thrilled that I had lunch plans with Austin, Josh, and Nate. I went to Austin’s apartment and again explained my Fishie story. Only then did I remember my resolve to not talk about Fishie at all. Whoops. Over dirty chai, Austin, Josh, and I decided to go to my place and watch an inspiring movie. My Internet connection is hit and miss. Today it was mostly miss. But when a movie craving hits, there is nothing to be done but watch the movie. So we went on an adventure to the library downtown…without a library card and without my keys. After breaking into my apartment, we went to Target, then Walmart, and finally Barnes & Noble in search of this DVD. And to no avail. It would have been a tragedy indeed if not rescued by Sonic. Ironically, the server at Sonic had the same name as Fishie. Sonic is also the place where Fishie and I “broke up” the first time. By this time I truly needed to watch this movie. So it was back to my apartment to struggle through the Internet connection while eating frozen chocolate chip cookies.

Tomorrow is a new day. Another day to not text, Facebook stalk, or talk about Fishie. Bring it on.


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