No Texting

Week 1 Day 1: No texting. Since Fishie and I only texted about twice a week anyway, today’s assignment wasn’t too hard. We only texted when we had a reason to. If we had something especially important to talk about, he would call me. And the last important talk we had…well…yeah.

But I hate negativity. So instead of NOT texting Fishie, I decided to text everyone else in my contacts. Every hour I texted someone–mostly people I haven’t talked to in months. I’ve managed to make plans for every night next week as well as book a date for a month from now.

I went to a church fellowship tonight where two women discussed their discipleship relationship. I was encouraged by the reminder that the friendships God brings together are the ones that last. I hope that one day He will bless me with a friend that really will stick closer than a brother.

Now off to see The Imitation Game with Anne and Meg.


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